Fire and Fellowship:

Every other Sunday night during the summer 6:00 P.M.

Join us for a time of singing, a short devotional (just long enough to let the hot dogs cook), and outdoor fun for the whole family.

We utilize the pavilion behind the church to provide a relaxing and enjoyable time for people to spend together. People bring drinks, desserts, and summer dishes to go along with hotdogs. This event is perfect for the whole family. There is a swing set, adult swings, a volleyball net, and other outdoor games. This is a great time of fun and fellowship.


Every year on Halloween night we light up the night by offering our very own indoor and outdoor activity. We decorate cars, hand out candy from each one of the cars, we offer a short hay ride, and we have the entire gym filled with different games for the kids to play. You can choose to make this the entire Halloween night for your kids or simply stop by and add it to your family’s night. If your kids don’t go anywhere else they will still be able to fill their candy pale, play awesome games, and do it in a safe environment.

Christmas Eve Service:

We would love to have you join us on Christmas Eve for a night of singing, scripture reading, a Christmas devotional, and many individuals displaying their God-given talents. This is a special night where we celebrate the birth of Jesus and close out the night with a candlelit singing of Silent Night.